MAYACALENDAR 2011                                    MAYAS PROPHETIC TIMEMAP

Global Meditations for unity

every twenty days, on the day for light (Ahau)

a good day to create with love



Loving meditations with the purpose to give

positive energy for mankind on Earth and to Mother Earth. 



  at 9 (AM) or 9 (PM)



9/3 2011 The Universal Underword begins

 we will follow the new enerywaves with meditation every 18 day 


The purpose of this meditation is to create a universal consciousness and inspire creative thinking to enable us to create a lasting and sustainable paradise on Earth. A clean, healthy Earth, peace and respect between people regardless of race or religion, with an acceptable standard of living for all.

March 9, 2011 the beginning of the Universal Underworld starts, now it´s already time to start creating universal consciousness by thinking we are.


If you want to join in, you can meditate like this:


1. Connect to the Tree of Life by thinking: I am connected to the universal Tree of Life. Imagine that you are standing at the root of the Tree and that many others are gathered together. We join hands, and offer energy to the Tree of Life, using the following thoughts and words.


2. We are the Soul, We are one, We are Light, We are Creative, We are Love, We are Peace, We are forgiving. 


Visualize and feel how light, love and forgivness flows from your heart to everything in universe.


Use the words that suits you best. Continue as long as You can keep your focus 15-30 minutes..

(If I want to ceate unity - sometimes I think only: "Everything is Love, or We are one. )


You may of course use your own kind of meditation, whatever suits you best.


Please spread this meditation to the persons you know can help

You can meditate alone or in a group,it does not matter.The importance is that you meditate.

If time doesn´t fit, meditate when you can, what matters is that you do it with your heart without stress.

Many thanks to all of you who are with us at the meditations!
It is a very strong, creative, loving and positive energy we create together.


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My "visions" and messages about time.





1/1 - 28/10 2011


Any time is important, but the time until all the underworlds end on 28 October 2011, every day and every moment is important for your and everyone else's best.


Do everything you can to make every moment you have to be filled with joy and love. In this way we increase the level of energy around the Earth. Share love and joy as often as you can, please use the meditation above when you want. Every twenty days when the daysign is Ahau (light), is the day we all  meditate / pray at the same time to give love to all that IS. When you meditate / pray, it is important that you try to feel how everything is already as you want it to be. You create with your feelings. Do not forget to give thanks. The intention is to create a world where everyone lives in harmony with Mother Earth, treat each other with love, respect and honesty, regardless of sex, race, religion or boundaries.


As you probably know the energy level is raised all the time during the seventh day of the Galactic Underworld. The basic tone is always high and periods of lower energy will not be felt as much.

On March 9 the last one of the underworlds begin - the Universal Underworld. All nine underworlds will receive universal energy, and frequency increases by 20 times. Sensitive individuals may have physical problems during this time when our bodies need to adapt to a new frequency. Even Mother Earth needs to adapt to the new energylevel.


Use the increased energy level.

Please work with your soul, forgive your dark side and love yourself as you are. When you arrived there, you will realize that we are all connected and that we are one. Then it becomes easier to forgive others. The time until 28 October 2011 is a period for forgiveness and to create with love.


Time will not end after 28 October 2011, it continues on the energy level we have managed to raise it to. The time after 28 October is the beginning of a new era of light and love. You must understand that we are co-creators of our future, and that it is together, we can choose to live in love and peace on Earth.


The meaning of our lives is to gain knowledge, live in love and be happy.


Thank you for reading.


Symbol of Hunab Ku,

Mayas "Only God", the only living and true god. He had no form because he is in everything. The symbol describes the spiral of the galaxy Milky Way, the tree of life and balance. The symbol of Hunab Ku is also associated with the expression "In Lak´ech" - You are my other I, which means - We are one.


The seventh day of the Galactic Underworld 2010 11 03 - 2011 10 28




On November 3 the energies shift to the final energy period of the Galactic Underworld, the seventh day that will be ruled by Ometeotl the Highest Creator God. A god who has been seen as the god of duality. There will be a primary high energy over the next 360 days until 28/10 2011 when all Underworlds will end in the Mayan calendar. It´s not that time will run out with the calendar concluded, we will enter a new era of light and peace.


Just at the shift between the Underworlds can cause global 'events', those who follow the prophetic time-map can predict these events. Since this is a shift to higher energies, we can expect innovation. The next 360 days will be a period of transformation. A time of change where we are heading for a period of light and peace. Those who have been awakened will awaken those who still sleep.


This shift will lead to a new time, we are all more or less aware of this. How this will happen is still anybody's guess. What I have gathered, we create it together. We are all creators of the new time with a purpose of peace and respect, and a clean Mother Earth. We are all responsible for creating our life as peaceful and loving, as we are able to. To begin with yourself  is always the first step to create the new time we want to live in for all.

We are co-creators and creators of the new era. With this knowledge comes responsibility. A new time´s waiting to be created with love as a basis, every day and moment will be important. It always has been, now even more.


If the highest god Ometeotl is to be transformed into a god who is seen as the god of unity instead of duality and a god of separation, it will require that we all realize we are one. We are linked by our souls.


We are all very similar, with fears and longings for such as unconditional love and security. It does not matter if we are poor or rich, we all long for something. It would have been nice to not have any "masks" when we meet each other, and instead honestly be yourself at all times. To always meet each other with love and respect. It is time to forgive ourselves and move towards an era of light, love and peace.


 During the entire period of the seventh day, many of us will clean out the darkness and fear from our lives. It will be an inside job in order to achieve this. We will have help during the time of the high energies the period gives us. Get help from someone you trust. The darkness disappears with light, love will melt the fears away, with forgiving we move on. Do not forget the things you do for yourself, you do also for all of us. It is important that you clear away all darkness and all the fear, no matter how insignificant you think it is. Everything must come to light, be accepted, understood, forgiven and released into the light. Do not put the lid on, because then you let the dark grow. Now is the time to dissolve the darkness and fears.

We can no longer blame others for our behavior that we do not understand or do not want. It is our responsibility to take care of this now. In order to achieve unity without separation, we must do this work with ourselves first and foremost. We will realize that we are all equal, recognize ourselves in each other, understand each other, to have empathy for each other. We will realize that we are one.


The Universal Underworld 2011 03 09 - 2011 10 28


On March 9, 2011, the Universal Underworld will start, and "be on top" of all the other eight Underworlds, and give us a period of 234 days of universal high energy. This period will help us with knowledge, to see clearly and let the transformation take place at a pace that everyone can keep up. Nine gods will be transformed into one god - a god of light.


The time will increase in speed by 20 times. There is a lot happening all the time, be aware of the coincidences, they are clues from the other side.


When period is completed 28 October 2011, we will find ourselves in a new era.


It is our responsibility to ensure that the new era will be a time of love, light and peace on a clean healthy Mother Earth.


We have a responsibility to Mother Earth, to all of us, and also to all future generations to create with love.


Counting scientifically according to CJ Calleman, which Maya certainly did, the Mayacalendar ends 28/10 2011. I am convinced that the calendar was created for us to understand that we can develop our consciousness. The calendar has always demonstrated energies and how we can use the knowledge of energies.


The Maya were skilled astronomers, and one of the reasons why they created the various calendars was to keep track of the planets traveling in space. Once every eight years Venus passes by the Sun, this is called the Venus Transit. The next time this happens is June 6, 2012, a date to remember. It´s a perfect day to celebrate consciousness in unity.

Venus Transit 8/6 2004